Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Platonic Fullerene Science and World Peace

The national or tribe governmental will that places today's technological innovation to perform, looks for to management financial employment for the public and maintain a protection framework to ensure the extension of governmental power. This can be done in the name of democracy, plutocracy, dictatorship, belief, monarchies, etc. All vie to make psychological thoughts management spin-aesthetics to persuade their topics that they are better off than their opponent countries or communities. It follows that the idea of a one globe govt must represent a risk to such various thoughts management systems. However, it is possible to bypass this concern by using riorous technological innovation to make a maintainable healthcare code of values, designed specifically to information civilisation into a state of everlasting globe serenity rather than everlasting issue. The only factor avoiding this to occur is technological innovation itself.

As the full prospective of nanotechnology comes out, countries with atomic weaponry at their convenience will start to recognise that they will soon be no longer protected by them. It is apparent that innovative nano-machines will be able to large generate invisible nano-weapons of large devastation and there are a lot of willing zealots who would be significantly honored to use them against private communities. Some might announce this to be a natural culling of individuals on an overpopulated planet. There will be a lot of high-ranking army employees determined to use nanotechnology to quit the spiritual zealots. On the other hand, nanotechnology has the prospective to make anything from very little, such as the construction of water and meals. Without a accountable technological innovation those managing nanotechnology will carry terrible in the world. However, with a accountable technological innovation to information them to it, paradise is possible. To be able to obtain that paradise, the healthcare will to make it must first are available.

The lover will to carry about aggressive devastation is not limited to spiritual zealots who cause immediate entropic devastation upon simple citizens. This crazy will is generally basic to almost all experienced researchers as well. The existing healthcare world-view's desire to move citizens toward entropic devastation is just as crazy, but it functions in a more slowly and more organized manner. Scientists need to realize why this is an precise interpretation of the popular healthcare attitude and to dissociate themselves from a inner coercion to praise dangerous disorder.

The Nobel Laureate Master Bertrand Russell and Jordan Einstein used arithmetic to persuade themselves that individuals must praise disorder devastation. Russell's most popular article was eligible 'A Freeman's Worship' in which he had written that researchers must be controlled by the science law that Einstein known as the leading law of all of the sciences, the law of worldwide disorder. At the very end, Russell had written, all individual creative professional will be absolutely damaged within a galaxy in thermodynamic damage.This crazy attitude cannot be psychologically disregarded by individuals constantly informing each other to have a happy day. Enough period of time for entropic individual annihilation, in nano-terms, is not at all connected to the long one that Russell and Einstein expected.

Arguing totally the opposite to the worshipping of Diabolic disorder, was the Proper custom of healthcare viewpoint that, during the 3rd Millennium BC, created the 'Science for Moral Ends'. One may well ask, what makes Proper thinking so important in this issue of individual survival? The response to that query is that Proper thinking described 'evil' as a dangerous property of unformed issue within the physical atom, which can appear to eliminate civilisation.

The same statistical thinking that expected this risk of atomic devastation also relates to the neglect of nanotechnology. One may then ask, who can you believe in to information ennobling ethical govt for the benefit of all? Proper 'fantastic' was described as being for the wellness of an unlimited galaxy. Therefore, the response is that you can believe in a healthcare technological innovation dependant on a maintainable unlimited transformative mentality. The next query occurs, how can you locate an unlimited transformative mentality that functions for the wellness of the galaxy when contemporary popular science prevents it to exist?

The response to that query is apparent. Nanotechnology has shown that the compound of feelings discovered in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert is aspect of a complicated dynamical fractal power system increasing its thinking to a worldwide infinity in contradiction to Russell and Einstein's world-view. The compound of feelings consistently improvements the framework of the hormonal liquids maintaining individual wellness within an changing unlimited galaxy. That process is the reasons for the growing technological innovation of large chemical make up, which entangles with the efforts of disorder to progress individual awareness. Massive chemical make up informs us that it's about a chance to quit worshipping the god of disorder that the historical Greeks known as Diabolos.

Buckminster Bigger used the Proper ethical arithmetic to make his complete model of the galaxy and the three 1996 Nobel laureates in chemical make up named the reasons for their new healthcare technological innovation as Fullerene Chemistry. Bigger had written a book eligible 'Utopia or Oblivion' in which he postulated that we now have a choice to be controlled by the law of disorder or by the Proper technological innovation concepts of development. To the non-scientist this means living in a galaxy controlled by Proper love.

From Fuller's healthy power viewpoint, produced directly from Proper arithmetic, the necessary healthcare technological innovation can be imagined in which nano-technology can be advised by an ethical Proper Promise, improving the historical Hippocratic one, used in medicine today. During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth century Hundreds of years, a PhD in technological innovation meant a doctoral in viewpoint and the excellent philosophers of that period, who created the excellent electro-magnetic findings, used the arithmetic from the Proper ethical technological innovation to make ethical electro-magnetic science. Any leading encyclopaedia will explain that the discoverer of the electro-magnetic field, Hendes Religious Oersted, had written his doctoral thesis, dependant on the electro-magnetic values postulated by the thinker of technological innovation Emmanuel Kant.

Friedrich Schelling and Alexander Humboldt improved the electro-magnetic mentality in conditions suitable with recent findings created by nanotechnology. The Proper custom of viewpoint groups contemporary researchers as uninformed crude technicians, only fit to help professional constant Diabolic disorder. Although Kant's perform is held to significantly impact Twenty-first Millennium healthcare lifestyle, it is a excellent bet that extremely few researchers reading this article would have the slightest idea that anybody ever reasoned about any sort of electro-magnetic mentality, or that researchers in the past had written formulae to show how electro-magnetic values healthy E=Mc2.

They might therefore ask themselves, is it true that I cannot even start to reason about such factors, even though my PhD verifies me to be a philosopher? Have I been taught that I cannot task Einstein's entropic world-view? Am I conscious that some researchers simply believe that the galaxy is unlimited to be able to obtain practical solutions to complicated technological innovation problems? Is it possible that I might be only be fit to speed up entropic disorder in all of my thinking unless I consider connecting my valuable knowledge to the holographic reality of large biology?

These query are rather serious ones. In psychological worldwide power conditions, there is little difference between a destruction bomber speeding up immediate entropic disorder upon simple individuals and the growth of today's technological innovation doing the same factor in slow motion. By neglecting the everyday living of electro-magnetic values within nanotechnology, large devices are searching are up raw components for entropic business growth and large fishing trawlers are coming up fish as the coming up sexual assault the oceanic public. The criminals stay unaware to the prospective of nanotechnology to generate both the raw components and meals supplies from almost nothing.

It appears to be useless to try informing these factors to a community terrible curved on speeding up dangerous disorder and afraid for job possibilities via an economy that transformed Kantian values for world-peace in the world into an difficult entropic cancer financial growth concept. Could it become possible for researchers to allow their amazing but uneven training to become caught with the newly growing large biology? Adolescents need to become conscious of what they are doing when they feel required to stay in complete servitude to any of the demands of Twentieth Millennium entropic arithmetic, science, state policies, business economics and spiritual certitude. Then they may be seeking ethical possibilities to be able to become a accountable aspect of the future nano-quantum chemical make up supra-science.

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